Not your average red head.

Welcome to my personal website. I like to view this as a drawing board and way to organize my thoughts, as well as showcase my projects and passions. One of the things I enjoy most is working hard to learn new skills and find areas to apply it. From graph theory to dancing in light suits, I try not to take myself too seriously and enjoy the journey of education through application.

Some of the the areas that I’m most interested in right now are graph theory, constrained optimization, mathematical modeling, and the application of mathematics in healthcare. I have done extensive study in mathematical theory, but my passion is carrying math to real world applications. I thoroughly enjoy working in teams, and consider some of my best work to be done in groups.

Current ‘official’ research with my school is in the spectral properties of non-backtracking random walks, whereas my personal research is currently building a supply chain optimization tool, as well as a Reinformcent Learning agent that decides when to place ads over videos to maximize revenue (I’m looking at you Facebook).

Python Whiz

Not the snake. I enjoy digging through large datasets for fun. I also have a soft spot for all things Arduino, Linux, and hardware. I enjoy raspberry pi as well, both kinds.

Web Design

Knowledge of both HTML & CSS, have developed 8 full websites for clients to date using WordPress. Currently learning the Django framework for full stack development.

Business Strategy & Marketing

Having consulted with over 15 startups, I’ve learned a lot from success, and even more from failure. My efforts directly lead to revenue increase of over $100,000 across many small businesses.

Deep Learning & AI

Buzz words, yes. Am I still passionate about it ? Absolutely. Digging around PyTorch or scikit-learn documentation is my idea of a good time. Experienced with DNN’s, CNN’s, GAN’s, Computer Vision, and your other ML algorithms (Random Forrest, Regression, SVM’s, K-NN’s, etc.) Enjoy the alphabet soup.

SQL Sensei

Anytime I think I know ‘big data’ I find myself working on something bigger a few months later.  But for now, my biggest project has been working with tables of 345+ million rows. Also experienced in NO SQL systems such as Neo4j and MongoDB.

Ball Is Life

Raised in Portland, die-hard Trail Blazers fan. I’m here because I can’t play point guard.